Dos and Don’ts for Tourists Visiting Ghana


Ghana is a very lovely and safe country. Ghana is a very friendly country, recommended for anyone who is coming to Africa for the first time, the people are generally very benevolent and accomodating. While their laidback attitude and lack of organized tourist sights/trips can be a little annoying to begin with, before you have been there for very long you realize that it is one of the delights of this country.The hospitality of Ghanaians will amaze you! The Tourism industry in  Ghana is growing rapidly, and more people are seen choosing Ghana as their tourist destination. Ghana is also rich in gold and a very peaceful country.

ghana national flag2

  • Transportation

Alwaysuse the  STC buses while travelling in Ghana whenever possible. They are more comfortable and a lot safer. There is a mini-van called ‘trotro’, find out the nearest trotro station to your house/hotel, and operate from there. Trotros cost next-to-nothing compared to taxis, and will give you more of a taste for how the locals live, but be very careful because they are more pron to accidents. You don’t even need to know which one to take at the station – just keep asking the mates. They will point you in the overall direction, and sooner or later if you keep asking you will find the correct car. On a similar note, make sure you travel out of Accra during your stay. Accra is just another big metropolitan city; the ‘real Ghana’ is in its small village and towns.

  • Money Exchanges

There are foreign exchange bureaus (Forex) in  the major towns and cities in Ghana, but many outside Accra won’t accept traveller’s cheques. Forex bureaus seems to give better rates for large-denomination bills than banks do, but otherwise bank rates are slightly better.Change your foreign money at the forex bureaux. No matter the amount, insure you count your money before leaving the premises.  In a big town or city stay away from roadside money changers. They’ll cheat you without your knowledge, you will notice you have just been cheating by the time you get home.Don’t exchange more money than you need at a time (not more than 5 days time).

Ghana cedi

  •  Cultural Norms

Dont always expect every Ghanian to say please or ask you to do something. If they want you to do something for them – they will outrightly give you a command . “Do this, wash this, scrub this.” Don’t take it as them being rude, it’s just a cultural difference.Another thing is that when somebody wants your attention, they will either call out ‘Obruni’ or ‘Acosi’, or just hiss/whistle at you. Don’t take it wrong – they just want you to notice them (and they don’t know your English name).

  •  What Not to Wear

Stay away from  wearing skimpy cloths in public.If you will have to change your wardrobe before coming to Ghana. Bikinis are fine at the beach, but use modesty when walking around town, it’s just not part of the culture and you may be getting some embarassing looks for that.

  •  Shopping

If you have to do the shopping yourself first check the prices in the shops. If you have to shop outside (bargain) first check the prices at the shops. Then you’ll never pay more than it costs in the shops. If you are a foreigner, it helps to shop with a “proper” Ghanaian with you. Alternatively, let somebody you trust shop for you otherwise you’ll pay double the price.

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