5 Most Popular Books By Ghanaian Authors


Ghana is the home of renowned authors known both locally and internationally, whose creative writings/ fictions/ plays/poetry has affected lives. A moment of going through books written by these ghanaians, you will discover truth and wisdom about life embedded therein, that shows the reason why you find them at every major bookshop. Even in the course of  making this list, I found out that there are many books within this category hence making it a little bit hard to come up with a comprehensive list, nevertheless I still came up with this list of 5 most popular books by ghanaian authors.

1) Ghana Must Go

ghana must go1

Written by Taiye Selasi, born in london and raised in Massachusetts by a Nigerian and Ghanaian parents. Ghana Must Go” tells the story of Folasadé Savage, who leaves Lagos for Pennsylvania, where she meets her Ghanaian husband, Kweku Sai, a brilliant surgeon. Fola, as she is called, gives up her dream of going to law school in order to raise their four children. After losing his job, Kweku abandons them all and returns to Ghana.The  title was chosen as a result of  the expulsion of Ghanaians from Lagos in 1983, and the book is first of all an immigrant story. Such an interesting piece of work you will love to explore.

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2) Sosu’s call

Sosu's Call

In 1999, it Won the UNESCO Prize for Children and Young People’s Literature. The book is beautifully illustrated as the story of Sosu, a young boy who is disabled; Sosu cannot walk. He does not go to school or participate in the activities of the other children. But his life changes when he saves his village, which lies on a lagoon, from being destroyed by the sea. As the waters rise, Sosu begins drumming and alerts the people who are out fishing. He is rewarded for his heroism with a wheelchair, and so at last, goes to school. The book was written by Meshack Asare, born 1945 in Ghana and studied Fine Arts at the College of Art in Kumasi

3) Wife of the Gods

Wife of Gods

Written by an author Kwei Quartey, was born in Accra, the capital of Ghana. He’s a practicing physician in California.The wives of the gods are women or girls among a small population in a particular region of Ghana who, according to Quartey, are given over to a type of priest to atone for the crimes of their families. According to Kwei Quartey, “They do a lot of hard work for him,” (trokosi the priest). “And once they’ve reached puberty, he has sex with them.” In Wife of the Gods, the murdered AIDS worker was trying to warn the women about their risk of contracting an STD from the priest for whom they were working.

4) The beautiful ones are not yet born

The beautiful ones are not yet born

Ayi Kwei Armah was born in 1939 to Fante-speaking parents in the port city of Takoradi, Ghana. The main theme of the novel is that of corruption  in Africa. The novel tells the story of a man who was finding it difficult to settle himself with the reality of Ghana after it gained independence. The main character, “The Man” as referred to throughout the whole novel, refuses some temptation as people tried to bribe him, but his actions of trying to be clean angered his wife and his mother in law. The Man kept a humble occupation, and regardless of the constant scorns from his wife, he lived an honest life, even if that condemned him to a life of poverty. The author used the man to represent some common man in Ghana – who has no choice, but to live in the poorest slums and live from hand to mouth. The author used the novel to expresses his disappointment and sarcasm engendered in Ghana in the times after Ghana gained independence, between Passion Week in 1965 and February 1966. The author used different reinforcement of literature to depict his feelings. He used exaggeration to express his bitterness, the themes and characterization as well as some symbols and tone or words to show his sadness towards the government of Ghan

5) The Seasons of Beento Blackbird

The Seasons of Beento Blackbird

A love story written by  Solomon Wilberforce, a passionate novelist.  The Seasons of Beento Blackbird  is about a man who gets a double helping of love. He has two wives, each of which he loves in a different way.  His first wife lives in the Caribbean, the second one lives in Ghana.  Solomon divides his time spending winters on a beautiful island with Miriam, his first and older wife, summers with the younger Ashia in Ghana, and the remaining time in New York where he works as a children’s book writer under the pseudonym Beento Blackbird. Both women are in agreement with the arrangement, though maybe not so wholeheartedly.  It’s really complicated.


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