5 Undisputable Facts About Ghanaians


There are different stereotypes surrounding Ghanaian people, some common while others are personal. In a recent article by buzzghana.com, it was argued that a lot of people might describe Ghanaians differently maybe based on a personal experience with just one Ghanaian, but you cannot because of a personal encounter and make a general conclusion that all Ghanaians are like that, as much as I take an exception to that, Ghanaians certainly do have some things in common, and there are some experiences anyone that comes to Ghana must encounter in one way or the other.Here are 5 undisputable facts about Ghanaians ghanaians1

1) Some Ghanaians are fair complexioned:

Many people have this believe that all Ghanians are dark in complexioned. Their original notion is that they are all black skinned, not just dark or brown. To see a fair complexioned person in Ghana, people often suspect that he is from another country. Many white people married black Ghanians and their offsprings complexion is brighter. That is not the only reason, there are also naturally fair people here but majority of Ghanaians are very dark. fair ghanaians

2) Ghanaians are pretenders:

Ghanaians themselves attest to this, that their own people are pretenders . Ghana has capitalized on  the good image they have had towards international community and would want to continue with that  even when its obvious that thing are not alright back at homed,instead of crying out, they would rather act as if all is well .  Ghanians are humans hence they have their own share of flaws and inadequacies. This attitude of theirs could be a smart strategy to get what they want but it is equally a dangerous thing to deal with a chameleon. Be yourself and let the world know you for who you really are and not what you desire to become. Many youths of Ghana are into Internet scam popularly known as Sakawa, so 419 is not peculiar to Nigeria like most people think.

3) Ghanaians worship white people:

An average Ghanaian and  will choose a white man inplace of a black man.  Ghanaians want to copy everything western. This is a total deviation from what  Kwame Nkrumah hoped  to achieve with African Unity.Lets not misunderstand this, this simply means that  a Ghanaian can sabotage his fellow blacks just to get the  favour of a white man.That such mental weakness and appreciation of ones race as submissive to a superior one is annoying . An average African man will promote his culture and not fall weakly into the arms of a white man

4) Ghanaians practice true democratic party system:

The  democratic system of government in Ghana made it in such a way that a party stands for something. A party manifesto is known, what a party believe in is in the heart of the followers and they stick to their dogma. In this system cross-carpeting is not that easy.Each political party is more like a religion, and everyone knows what to expect when a particular party is in power. Party politics is not for convenience, you are born into a party, your family is in a party. Its not so easy to decamp unlike some other African countries.

5) Ghanaian landlords are cheats

A visit to rent control will reveal that many aggrieved foreigners living in Ghana have resorted for justice against their mean landlords or, land lady as the case may be. They feel that because they are foreigners, greedy landlords try to take advantage of them. Many have similar experiences of cheating and deliberate defiance of housing contract.


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