The Women African Men Love To Date


This is a question many women often ask themselves and many are yet to get the right answer to this mind buggling question. Most times a good relationship that seems to be going on well suddenly halts and most times you dont know the reason why they do, but the truth is that there is no smoke without fire. The men are not the problem here. Most people spend their life looking for that perfect person, my candid advice is that instead of looking for a particular kind of person, first try and become  that person then you will naturally  attracts that same kind of person. African men knows exactly what they want in a woman and that is exactly what they go for when they need a serious relationship. Here is a list of the women African men love to date.

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 Women who are playful:

There’s something that drives men wild and brings  them into a deeper level of connection with women . Men love to be active and to play. They were raised to express themselves and connect with those around them through action. Unfortunately, too many women seem to forget this and want to talk their way into a man’s heart. But the fact is that men don’t “feel it” for you because of what you say. It’s not your words that make a man attracted to you, it’s the experiences you create with him. Watch or play sports together, be competitive in casual games like ping pong – even add a little teasing and sarcasm here and there – and you’ll really ramp up the attraction and interest. [More: Things You Didn’t Know About Ghanaians]

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 Be Sexual:

As much as you would like to shy away from this! the truth is that men love women who  loves sex – and makes no bones about it. She’s not selling it, she’s not using it as a tool to manipulate men – she just naturally craves it. Being Sexual is not to be confused with a nymphomaniac, who suffers from psychological problems – rather, she has somehow bypassed the female societal training of auctioning off the use of her vagina to the highest bidder . But her man love her because she is a free spirit who is actually honest about her sex drive. Very rare but worth searching the ends of the earth for. And to cap it up, she is very faithful to her man

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 Woman who Motivates him:

African men are strong and daring hence an average African man  would  get serious with a woman who pushes him to have a successful career, encouraging him to go for bigger things, such women are worth more than rubies and a reasonable African will do everthing to keep her.


 Physical Traits:

When is comes to a woman’s physical attractiveness, men pay attention. Men want someone with them that they find good-looking for a number of reasons; one reason is that they want to show off their woman to other men. It feeds their ego when they have a physically attractive woman on their arm. Men are attracted to women with physical traits that suggest she is healthy, such as long and beautiful hair, a bright smile with white teeth, a narrow waist, a clear complexion and a healthy weight.

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 Independent women:

Real men want a woman who inspires them because she has great things going on her own life. They want a woman who has her own purpose other than being in a relationship. This is a good woman to find if you don’t have a lot of time to invest in a relationship or you’re the type of guy who needs a lot of space. Miss Independent has a real life of her own and is happily going in her own positive direction. She’s the type who wants a man in her life, but doesn’t need a man in her life. And she certainly isn’t looking for men to solve all her problems or blame when things don’t go her way. The best way to communicate this to a man is to stay busy in your own life and not suddenly make him your world.

Always sweet:

Sweet is a woman who’s positive, content with her life, always fun  to be around. She’s a genuine person without a bitch bone in her body. She’s always truly happy to see you and you find yourself looking forward to spending time with her. Miss Sweets are usually snapped up out of the dating market right away, so they’re pretty rare. But if you can find one, you’ve got a real treasure on your hands.

Woman with housekeeping skills:

Many African men still believe this is the primary responsibility of the woman in the house. They do understand the fact that women today are increasingly working outside the home, but yet, many said they still want to come home to a home-cooked meal, a clean home, and a loving and caring woman. Several others said they find a woman most attractive if she keeps her surroundings, (and her person) clean. The dating stage is where we study the woman we’re with. And if she’s not cleaning her own place, what makes you think she will be cleaning your place when the two of you get married?


7 Major Dating Tips For Ghanaian Men


Lots of dates have gone sour because most of the people involved  failed to observe the rules. one silly mistake from you could cost you your life-partner, so why not take some time out and the major tips for a successful dating. While you may not have a lot of experience as far as dating goes right now, you can gain that experience in time and if you do, you may just suddenly find out that you have started to get along with women. To be able to achieve this, here are the 7 major dating tips for ghanaian men.

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1) Be punctual

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If you are picking her up from her home, then it is advisable to be there 5 minute before time. But don’t come any earlier or she will still be busy putting her makeup or getting dressed and won’t want you to see her half finished. One of the worst things you can do is turn up late. Turning up late will give her the wrong impressions of what you think about her. Women always assume the worst, so she’ll sit around considering the worst case scenarios when you’re late. Not only will she think that she has been stood up, but will also think that you are unreliable.

2) Compliment Her

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Women loves compliments because it makes her feel sexy, gorgeous and beautiful. She needs to feel you are attracted to her. Try as much as you can to make it real, dont let her think that you are making it up. The first thing to say to her is “you look beautiful” before you even ask how she is. Keep the compliments flowing throughout your date, such as “your hair looks nice, I like the color of it, and your outfit is great.” But don’t over flog it.

3) Be confident

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Everyone’s nervous on a first date, but there’s nothing more attractive than a bit of self-confidence. When it comes to conversation, stay in your comfort zone by coming up with a few topics that you can talk about easily so you’re not out of your depth too early. But it’s a delicate balance – no one wants to be the guy who bangs on about his comic book collection all night, or what a pro his is on the bench press. If in doubt, ask your date about themselves and go from there. It sounds simple, but choosing someone with similar interests is a big plus, by so doing both of you will have lots of things to talk about.

4) Bathe

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One of the most embarassing things you could do when going out on a date (especially if it is your first date with her) is to come looking dirty, unshaven and smelling bad. Women are clean and will judge you on how hygienic you are.  It doesn’t cost anything to take a bath and make an effort.
Always have in mind that bad breath and body odour are an instant turn off, and she will assume that this is how you are all the time. Even if you are just having a bad day or didn’t think you have time to clean up, she won’t see beyond your appearance,and you will find it very difficult to convince her otherwise, so you mind never get a second chance to impress her.

5) Listen to Her and Ask Questions

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Nobody wants to be ignored.  You can ask her questions, but more importantly listen to what she has to say. There is nothing woman likes more than when someone is interested in what they have to say. Remeber when asking asking questions, let it be questions that are relevent to what she is saying. I remember once I was sitting in a restaurant waiting for some friends. There was a man and woman sitting at the table next to mine and I couldn’t help overhearing their conversation, though it isn’t a conversation when only one person is talking. I could tell it was their first date from what he was telling her about himself. “I play Saturday league football, I like boxing…” He went on like this for about 10 minutes without stopping or asking her questions.
She was just sitting there nodding slightly every so often and looking bored. That day left an impact on me, and every time I have been on a date since, I have been conscious of the woman, making a point to take an interest in what she had to say. [Recommended: Ghanaian Celebrities on the News]

6) Be prepared

Your first date with her is a very good opportunity to make a good impression and show her the stuff you are made of, and believe me first impression means a lot. Get your hair cut, maybe invest in a new outfit, and check your teeth and nails are looking presentable. Plan to arrive a little early, so as to be settled. When it comes to order, avoid things that you have not eaten before.

7) Promise to Call her

Only tell her that you will call her if you mean it and intend on seeing her again. This is an awkward situation, and most of the time the easiest solution is to take her number and tell her you will call her. But don’t do it if you are not interested. Just say good night, smile and walk away. But if you do like her and are interested, then make sure you let her know and tell her you’ll be in touch.

Dos and Don’ts for Tourists Visiting Ghana


Ghana is a very lovely and safe country. Ghana is a very friendly country, recommended for anyone who is coming to Africa for the first time, the people are generally very benevolent and accomodating. While their laidback attitude and lack of organized tourist sights/trips can be a little annoying to begin with, before you have been there for very long you realize that it is one of the delights of this country.The hospitality of Ghanaians will amaze you! The Tourism industry in  Ghana is growing rapidly, and more people are seen choosing Ghana as their tourist destination. Ghana is also rich in gold and a very peaceful country.

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  • Transportation

Alwaysuse the  STC buses while travelling in Ghana whenever possible. They are more comfortable and a lot safer. There is a mini-van called ‘trotro’, find out the nearest trotro station to your house/hotel, and operate from there. Trotros cost next-to-nothing compared to taxis, and will give you more of a taste for how the locals live, but be very careful because they are more pron to accidents. You don’t even need to know which one to take at the station – just keep asking the mates. They will point you in the overall direction, and sooner or later if you keep asking you will find the correct car. On a similar note, make sure you travel out of Accra during your stay. Accra is just another big metropolitan city; the ‘real Ghana’ is in its small village and towns.

  • Money Exchanges

There are foreign exchange bureaus (Forex) in  the major towns and cities in Ghana, but many outside Accra won’t accept traveller’s cheques. Forex bureaus seems to give better rates for large-denomination bills than banks do, but otherwise bank rates are slightly better.Change your foreign money at the forex bureaux. No matter the amount, insure you count your money before leaving the premises.  In a big town or city stay away from roadside money changers. They’ll cheat you without your knowledge, you will notice you have just been cheating by the time you get home.Don’t exchange more money than you need at a time (not more than 5 days time).

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  •  Cultural Norms

Dont always expect every Ghanian to say please or ask you to do something. If they want you to do something for them – they will outrightly give you a command . “Do this, wash this, scrub this.” Don’t take it as them being rude, it’s just a cultural difference.Another thing is that when somebody wants your attention, they will either call out ‘Obruni’ or ‘Acosi’, or just hiss/whistle at you. Don’t take it wrong – they just want you to notice them (and they don’t know your English name).

  •  What Not to Wear

Stay away from  wearing skimpy cloths in public.If you will have to change your wardrobe before coming to Ghana. Bikinis are fine at the beach, but use modesty when walking around town, it’s just not part of the culture and you may be getting some embarassing looks for that.

  •  Shopping

If you have to do the shopping yourself first check the prices in the shops. If you have to shop outside (bargain) first check the prices at the shops. Then you’ll never pay more than it costs in the shops. If you are a foreigner, it helps to shop with a “proper” Ghanaian with you. Alternatively, let somebody you trust shop for you otherwise you’ll pay double the price.

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